ISIDE s.r.l. was founded in August 2013 thanks to the passion of Simone for plants and that one of Mariagrazia for officinal herbs. The company name is meant to be a tribute to Isis, who belongs to the group of great Mother Goddesses as the goddess of fertility teaching agriculture to women in ancient Egypt. Our fields are our grandparents’ fields, that have been abandoned for many years and we have decided to give them back “life” in order to link our past to our future.

Our present is the following: 30 hectares of land in the municipalities of Pietradefusi (Avellino) and San Giorgio del Sannio (Benevento). Currently 10 hectares of them are dedicated to aromatic / officinal herbs and the remaining part to traditional crops (with particular attention paid to ancient cereal grains), olive trees, a small vineyard, vegetables, several fruit trees and woodlands.

We take care of the environment and our land, which is why SlowFood has awarded us the title of  Custodians of Biodiversity in Irpinia. We farm with certified organic methods, inspired by the principles of natural farming of Masanobu Fukuoka. We respect what nature can offer us without forcing the natural course of events even if it means losing some harvests.

For this reason we have developed a plan based on crop rotations and set-aside land in order to get genuine and ethically sustainable products.

We collect and select the plants manually, we dry them naturally, we distil slowly without adding chemicals and solvents, we take care of every detail of the production cycle to get essential oils, herbal teas and spices, all for food use.

Our products are analyzed by specialized university laboratories. They are natural and 100% organic, GMO free, without additives and chemicals to offer the best safety and quality to consumers.

The passion for officinal herbs encourages us to study, attend training courses, interact with specialists and research centers in order to improve our work performance and our products.

In addition to being members of Slowfood, we are part of the Italian Federation of Officinal Plants Producers (F.I.P.P.O) and we have been the first company in Campania to create a short supply chain (production, processing and marketing) dedicated exclusively to plants.