Our plants, cultivated with organic method, are harvested by hand and dried in a natural way. After being dried they are selected, cleaned and cut.

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Our saffron deserves a special mention. It is difficult both to identify where the cultivation of saffron started and to go back to the original name of the most expensive spice in the world.

Anyway its history can be traced back to the existence of the Persian word zarparān, which means ” it has golden stigmas”.

Saffron has been known since ancient times for its beneficial effects on the human body (the oldest document attesting its use is an Egyptian papyrus from the 15th century BC). Saffron is a natural remedy as precious as it is rare. It is obtained from three small filaments contained within the corolla of the flower of Crocus sativus: to get a modest quantity it takes thousands of plants and many hours of manual work. This is why in nature saffron is compared to gold and this is why our saffron is Isis gold.

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