Iside Agricola

About us

ISIDE s.r.l. was founded in August 2013 thanks to the passion of Simone for plants and that one of Mariagrazia for officinal herbs. The company name is meant to be a tribute to Isis, who belongs to the group of great Mother Goddesses as the goddess of fertility teaching agriculture to women in ancient Egypt.

Our fields are our grandparents’ fields, that have been abandoned for many years and we have decided to give them back "life" in order to link our past to our future.

Our present is the following: 30 hectares of land in the municipalities of Pietradefusi (Avellino) and San Giorgio del Sannio (Benevento). Currently 10 hectares of them are dedicated to aromatic / officinal herbs and the remaining part to traditional crops (with particular attention paid to ancient cereal grains), olive trees, a small vineyard, vegetables, several fruit trees and woodlands.

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Mariagrazia e Simone

Maria Grazia e Simone
“For us countryside is the calm after a storm, nature that wakes up in the morning with the fresh air that pinches your face while looking at the horizon. It is the place where time stops and space widens.”


“For me countryside is the paradise on earth, devotion, sacrifice and satisfaction, meditation place, full of energy and magic, a powerful emotional catalyst .”

Our small laboratory is authorized for the production of dried herbs, spices, herbal teas and essential oils, all for food use. Our production processes comply with the H.A.C.C.P. system, meeting the requirements of Reg. 852/04 on food hygiene. Our laboratory is also certified organic and is used only and exclusively for processing raw materials coming from our company.

gli oli essenziali di Iside Agricola

Our essential oils

Our essential oils are 100% pure, natural and made with Italian organic raw materials exclusively coming from our company. They are all for food use and do not contain additives. Therefore they ensure the best quality and safety to consumers.

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 Gli infusi Iside Agricola

Our herbal teas, flavors and spices

Our plants, cultivated with organic method, are harvested by hand and dried in a natural way. To prepare the infusion add 1-2 teaspoons of herbal tea for each cup of boiling water, put lids on them and let it steep for 5-10 minutes, then strain, preferably sweeten with honey.

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