17 Giugno 2019

Now that dreams and hopes come true like flowers …

“Now that dreams and hopes come true like flowers,

make way for dreamers on the Moon an Earth!”

Gianni Rodari

The first article of our blog is focused on our stubbornness and passion, aimed at realizing a dream. Nowadays using this word not only seems anachronistic but also can arouse hilarity and intolerance in those who have stopped dreaming or perhaps have never done it.

More than five years have passed since it all began and the path has always been uphill, involving great personal, work and economic sacrifices.

The belief that we are in the right, the desire to assert our rights, the ability not to want to sink into resignation/ indifference have pushed us to go further and believe, every day more, in what we are doing.

The “land”, which has been mistreated and abandoned for decades, can now be seen in a new light, trying to develop all its potential useful to “invent” new business realities that combine tradition and innovation. If we want young people to stay, to return to the land in our countries, we must give dignity and gratification to the farmer’s job.

Our business model, which was created for the cultivation of officinal herbs and is also well suited to the cultivation of ancient cereals, with some adjustments can be adapted to other agricultural supply chains in every area of Italy. Following values of transparency, sustainability, ethics and taking care of every detail of the entire production cycle, we have been the first company in Campania to create a short supply chain (production, processing and marketing) dedicated exclusively to officinal herbs.

That is why we have been receiving over the last months many requests from people who are willing to set up a farm and ask us for advice or come to visit us.

There is change in the air and it is the right time to act, inform, train in order to be able to build a new model of agricultural economy. We should start from the inland rural areas where the feeling of abandonment is strong but at the same time the feeling of belonging to one’s own land is more powerful.

Go away or stay and dare? Our experience tells us to stay because despite many difficulties the land represents freedom and it is from the land and those who cultivate it that the change must come.

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